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Seven Two Blue PRO
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Sight Master

Sight Master Pro Color Series

Seven Two Blue PRO

Practical PRO Color Frame

8 base curved wrapping frame style with wide and tall lens design. Perfectly intercept the light from the gap and provides much broader vision.

Bridge Width: 18mm, Lens Width: 60mm, Lens Height: 40mm, Frame Width: 155mm

8 Base
8 Base
8 Base

Case, Cleaning Cloth

8 base

Brand Page

Product Code / JAN Model SRP
Seven Two Blue PRO 775015751100
Seven Two Blue PRO/Ease Green 29,000 Yen
Seven Two Blue PRO 775015752200
Seven Two Blue PRO/LG Silver Mirrored 29,000 Yen
Seven Two Blue PRO 775015753100
Seven Two Blue PRO/Super Light Brown 29,000 Yen
Seven Two Blue PRO 775015752300
Seven Two Blue PRO/EG Silver Mirrored 29,000 Yen