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Bush Master



Bush Master

The 4th generation of our Bush Master glassfiber short rod series. Fish for big ones in bush. #Glassfiberisnotdead.

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Product Code / JAN Model Length Color Line Weight Action Sections Grip SRP
Bush Master 110101313366
EUFLEX Bush Master BM663-3 6'6"(198cm) Reddish BR #3 MF 3 Pumpkin(200mm) incl. RS 48,000 Yen
Bush Master 110101313373
EUFLEX Bush Master BM733-3 7'3"(220cm) Reddish BR #3 Slow 3 Pumpkin(205mm) incl. RS 51,500 Yen
Bush Master 110101313469
EUFLEX Bush Master BM694-3 6'9"(206cm) Reddish BR #4 MF 3 Pumpkin(205mm) incl. RS 51,000 Yen

Description of item

EUFLEX Bush Master BM663-3

48,000 Yen

EUFLEX Bush Master BM733-3

51,500 Yen

EUFLEX Bush Master BM694-3

51,000 Yen