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Fly Fishing Tiemco Blog Lake Ashinoko in late fall – early winter season


Lake Ashinoko in late fall – early winter season

I fished Lake Ahinoko 4 times in this fall season. I had good fishing on 3 of 4 visits with some memorable fish. 


Saturday, November 8th

5:15 AM, I was on a famours spot. There are already 4 fishermen, 3 with lures and 1 with flyfisherman. They were all wading knee-high, but it looks there are some fish in the shallow area. I took a 8 weight single hand rod and casted my favorite Flash Streamer fly (tied on the TMC202SP #4) into 20 to 25cm depth area. I hooked a fish on the 3rd cast. That one hooked off, but I caught a pretty nice 52cm char after a while. That was my first char caught on this lake. 



 I repeatedly casted in the shallow area and caught another 45cm and 51cm rainbows.


Sunday, November 16th

I visited the lake again. The water was reduced over 10cm, which is usually not a good sign. Nothing happened. 

Saturday, November 22nd

It was a three-day weekend. I was fishing around a head with 6 weight type 3/4 sinking shooting head. I casted a Flash Streamer and counted down 40 seconds. I caught a hatchery fish, and nothing happened after that… 



I found some fish start rising just in front of me around 1:30 to 14:00PM. I casted black elk caddis fly close to me and hooked up. I landed the fish after it jumped 4 or 5 times. It was 54cm pretty nice rainbow. 



I added a couple of raibbows. Maybe it was a good day.


Saturday, December 6th

It was getting colder day by day. There were 6 anglers in the good spot, but some soon left there simply because they could get nothing. I casted the Flash Streamer tied on TMC202SP size 4 again. I caught a good hatchery 63cm rainbow. 


I changed my rod to 8 weight single hand rod, and added some. Snow started to fall and I finished my fishing that day.