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TMC Molpho Fiber

Nanotech structurally colored material

The Morpho Fiber is a structurally colored material that mimics the mechanism that causes the scales on the wings of the Morpho Butterfly to show color. Teijin Fibers Limited has succeeded in developing the MORPHOTEX, which has the multi-layer structure made possible with its cutting-edge nanotechnology. The TMC Morpho Fiber is the innovative fly tying material specially-fabricated from MORPHOTEX. Because the Morpho Fiber uses no dyes or pigments, it is also environment-friendly. Its natural and delicate self-illumination is great for wings of Mayfly spinners, flying ants, etc. Also great for dubbing and tailing material.

Product Code / JAN Model SRP
TMC Molpho Fiber
TMC Morpho Fiber Violet 850 Yen