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EUFLEX Glass Master


EUFLEX Glass Master

EUFLEX Glass Master

We have been making glassfiber rods for about 20 years. This series are great for fishing on streams. You will know glassfiber materials have broader tolerance for line-weights and fishing species. Some experts are using glassfiber rods for fishing big ones with thin tippet because of that. You might be required some practice to get used to, but you might not be able to return to ordinary graphite rods, or not to even bamboo rods because of its easy-handling. #Glassfiberisnotdead.

Blank: Yellowish Light Brown color
Guides: Chrome
Grip: Half Wells
Reel Sheet: Cork, Pocket & Ring

Cloth Bag

Glassfiber Rod Tube

Product Code / JAN Model Length Line Weight Action Sections Grip SRP
EUFLEX Glass Master 111000813774
EUFLEX Glass Master GM773-4 7'7"(230cm) #3 MS 4 Fullwell:136mm 70,000 Yen

Description of item

EUFLEX Glass Master GM773-4

70,000 Yen

7'7" #3 4PC