Born amidst nature, man has built his cultures around coexistence with her. In our daily lives, we must adapt to an artificial environment as the price of the convenience afforded by civilization, and many people have come to seek comfort by returning to nature. After all, we know instinctively that we are tenderly enveloped by verdant mountains, pure, sparkling waters, rustling breezes, and the rest of the Great Outdoors. This instinct of Man to return to his roots gave birth to fly-fishing, lure-fishing, and other outdoor sports. This is the world of Quiet Sports - enjoying a restful time communing with nature. At TIEMCO, we believe our mission is to introduce more and more people to the world of Quiet Sports. We offer lifestyles that give due appreciation and reverence to nature by supplying the products and services that we have created ourselves.

Meaning of Logo

In our mind's eye, we always can see blue sky, feel a refreshing breeze coming off a lake, enjoy clean, bracing air, and picture smooth waters. In short, we can feel nature. At TIEMCO, we emphasize the importance of loving nature and always treating it with respect. The mountain-and-stream logo on our split cane rod, portraying the shape of a classic hexagonal fly rod, expresses the essence of our slogan, "Think in the field." As the pioneer and leader in lure- and fly-fishing in Japan, we never lose sight of this slogan; in fact, we intend to stand even more firmly behind it by supplying only the very best in outdoor products.

Think in the field...Tiemco's role

We at Tiemco share your passion for the great outdoors. Our energy and resources are focused on fulfilling your desire for gaining inner joy and contentment while pursuing "quiet sports" in nature. For that purpose, with our imagination and enthusiasm put together, we propose pioneering and innovative products and services that help you maximize the pleasure of your precious time outdoors. And we strive to become your unique and trusted partner in the field, one that you can always rely on.