What we do

The Pioneer of Japanese Fly Fishing

Fly fishing, which came from the West, is the art of catching fish by using artificial flies that imitate the insects found in freshwater habitats. Although in Europe and the United States its story goes back into the mists of time, it has only a short history in Japan. We at TIEMCO are proud to have pioneered and developed fly fishing in Japan by operating fly fishing schools and supplying attractive products.

TIEMCO is the only company completely dedicated to fly fishing, handling everything from rods & reels to clothing. In our role as general sales agents, we import top foreign brands like ORVIS, Scientific Anglers/3M, and UMPQUA. We have also developed our own roster of original world-famous fly fishing tackle such as TMC Fly Hooks, Leader - Clippers, and Shimazaki Dry-Shake (flotation material for dry flies).

We are putting more effort than ever into creating our own fly fishing products, which meet the high expectations of our customers and contribute to the development of this form of fishing.

Fly Fishing School

As a sport, fly fishing is like playing a game with the fish. It involves casting a fly weighing less than one gram so as to soar, dance on the surface of the water, and float as if it were a real fly. Despite appearances, it takes practice to develop the skill of fly-casting so as to make a tiny, almost weightless lure dance.

From the beginning, TIEMCO realized that teaching how to use fly fishing equipment is a precondition for selling it. In the more than 40 years since 1976, when TIEMCO opened Japan's first fly fishing school, more than 10,000 people have taken our fly fishing courses. True to its home-grown roots, TIEMCO continues to meet the diversifying needs of enthusiasts by offering courses for beginners, and experienced fly-fishers.

Lure Fishing

The sport of lure fishing is a way of catching a fish using an artificial bait designed to imitate a bait fish or other small edible creature to lure the fish into taking it. Created by Europeans, it underwent further development in the United States. Like fly fishing, lure fishing in Japan has a only short history. lure fishing in Japan today focuses mainly on black bass and trout in lakes and rivers, and on many species in salt-water fishing.

This type of fishing has already developed more deeprooted popularity among the fishing public than other types of angling as it numbers enthusiasts throughout a broad range of age groups, centered on those in their teens to 40s.

TIEMCO is proud to offer an extensive assortment of high-quality tackle for lure fishing, starting with rods made by FENWICK, the top brand in the United States. Taking advantage of our own reserves of experience and expertise, we have also created many original products.

"Foxfire" Functional Clothing

TIEMCO's energetic activities in the area of sports fishing have paved the way for its move into the outdoor clothing field. Here, our effort to put people more in touch with nature has led inevitably to the development of more functional, performance-oriented clothing.

Our original "Foxfire" brand debuted in 1982 after undergoing rigorous field tests around the world under a variety of tough natural conditions. "Foxfire", featuring traditional, timetested cloth combined with state-of-the-art textiles, technology and design, offers the ultimate in outdoor clothing performance and comfort. Beginning with a line of four flyfishing vests, today this brand ranges from jackets, shirts, and pants to bags and accessories.

Foxfire Store

TIEMCO is developing a nationwide chain of Foxfire Stores that specialize in "Foxfire" brands. All Foxfire Stores personnel strive to create an inviting atmosphere where all customers can buy the products they want and receive friendly advice. Foxfire Stores are about more than just selling products: the emphasis is on activities that foster a closer relationship with customers, like inviting them to attend classes on getting more enjoyment out of outdoor activities. By gathering important data and functioning as sources of vital information for customers, Foxfire Stores will play an important role in the development of new products.