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  • Riot Blade won EFTTEX 2019 Best New Product Award
  • EUFLEX J-Stream Fly Rod
  • ティムコ50周年
  • TMC Ceramic Bobbin Fine
  • IMERU 50S
  • TMC100B
  • LDL Fluorocarbon Tippet Material
  • TMC Adjustable Magnet Bobbin
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[Video] TMC Fly Tying Room #001 Pellet Marabou

Marabou patterns are the must for my lake fishing and area fishing in Japan. The marabou tail attracts trout better than any other tailing materials I b
Fly Fishing
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Seabass fishing on a crystalline autumn afternoon

I went fishing for seabass with a friend in late October. I had been checking on the weather forecast for a week and it said it will be rainning
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Fishing Tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido

Hosted a regular fishing tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido, Japan, in early June, when many aquatic insects are supposed to be very active. It must be a fun th
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Catch & Release (a sigh)

I visited the Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido, this fall twice on October 21 to 24 and November 11 to 13. I just wanted to fish enough just before the lake got frozen. The firs
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Headwater Fishing in Shinshu

A friend of mine took me out to headwater fishing for char in the middle of June. I am not familiar to that kind of fishing and have little experience in the mountainous