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  • Riot Blade won EFTTEX 2019 Best New Product Award
  • EUFLEX J-Stream Fly Rod
  • ティムコ50周年
  • TMC Ceramic Bobbin Fine
  • IMERU 50S
  • TMC100B
  • LDL Fluorocarbon Tippet Material
  • TMC Adjustable Magnet Bobbin
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[Video] TMC Fly Tying Room #001 Pellet Marabou

Marabou patterns are the must for my lake fishing and area fishing in Japan. The marabou tail attracts trout better than any other tailing materials I b
Fly Fishing
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Seabass fishing on a crystalline autumn afternoon

I went fishing for seabass with a friend in late October. I had been checking on the weather forecast for a week and it said it will be rainning
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Fishing Tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido

Hosted a regular fishing tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido, Japan, in early June, when many aquatic insects are supposed to be very active. It must be a fun th
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Catch & Release (a sigh)

I visited the Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido, this fall twice on October 21 to 24 and November 11 to 13. I just wanted to fish enough just before the lake got frozen. The firs
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Headwater Fishing in Shinshu

A friend of mine took me out to headwater fishing for char in the middle of June. I am not familiar to that kind of fishing and have little experience in the mountainous
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Midge fishing in a city

Even though rivers are closed in winter, but we can fish in our city. The Pale Chub lives in rivers running in residential areas and rises in specific spots on a warm day with
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Enexpected snowfall – Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido –

I was on a fishing tour to Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido, to hunt Japanese Hucho. It was very hot last time I visited, this time we had a snow. Asahikawa C