Sight Master Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Sight Master

"Are you really looking at the fish through your own polarized sunglasses?"

It does matter. Polarized sunglasses might be put on the bottom of your list of fishing tackles, however, the material and quality of lenses definitely make differences on how you can see through.

"All the camera lenses are made of glass. Why aren't your polarized sunglasses?"

We would be glad if you could be more particular about polarized sunglasses, simply because you could fish better (and consequently catch more fish) with it.

With the in-depth research and testing (and fishing), we came to the conclusion that glass lenses are the best.

Your fishing will totally change if you can see the fish and underwater structures. There are reasons why many experts appoint the Sight Master.

Optical Clarity

High quality glass lenses offer you clearer vision than polycarbonate lenses. See like you are not looking through something. Have you ever seen any quality camera lenses made of plastic? It is a proven fact.

Scratch Resistance

Most standard polycarbonate lenses are easily scratched. The Sight Master glass lenses are scratch-resistant. Also passed the US Drop Ball Testing (16.2g metal ball is dropped from 127cm high).

Frame Construction

We, too, know the issue of glass lenses is weight. Our original frame construction balances the weight and point of burden, and offers you a maximum comfort. With the precision manufacturing and the assembly technique, lenses are properly fixed without any stress and distortion.


Have you ever put your polarized sunglasses off in cloudy condition while you still need polarization? The Sight Master will offer both lightness and high polarization so you can keep wearing in various fishing situations. It is normally difficult that the bright brownish lenses which have 30% visible light transmission ratio have higher polarization, however, with the costly high quality polarizing film the Sight Master lenses achieved it. Keep wearing while others are taking off. Great advantage.


Have you ever had fatigue of the eye and headache attributed to eyestrain when you are putting polarized sunglasses on? One of the primary factors is distortion of the lenses. Polycarbonate and acetate lenses are easily be distorted in the manufacturing processes. With the cutting edge technology, our high-precision spherical glass lenses have no distortion.

Distortion of polycarbonate lenses
Distortion of Polycarbonate Lens 1
Distortion of Polycarbonate Lens 2

Sight Master
Sight Master no distortion

In addition, the Sight Master lens blocks 99.9% of UV400 which is supposed to develop a cataract and thus protect your eyes. Comfort brings you more concentration on your fishing, and concentration brings you more success. We got many positive feedbacks on this from fishing guides and other professional anglers.

Polarizing Filters

The Sight Master uses high-efficiency polarizing film that can block visible red light wavelength and minimize red glare. The standard polycarbonate and acetate lenses cannot block 650 – 800 nm wavelength light, which means visible red light goes through and causes red-flickering.

Red-flickering vision through a polycarbonate lens.
(Red flickering vision of polycarbonate lens)
Light Transmission Rate
Light Transmission Rate

Takahiro Omori: Why I chose the Sight Master polarized eyewear line