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Fishing Tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido

Hosted a regular fishing tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido, Japan, in early June, when many aquatic insects are supposed to be very active. It must be a fun three-day tour, Friday through Sunday.        It includes transportation service... more


From dusk till dawn – Seabass Fly Fishing School

In early spring, Tokyo Bay area, we held a fly fishing school for saltwater beginners. This time it was a night fishing on boat.      1st round: PM3:00 - PM7:30 2nd round: PM8:00 - AM0:30 3rd round: AM1:00 - AM5:30 Two s... more
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Fishing Tour to Houki River with Nori Tashiro

We hosted a fishing tour to Houki River with Nori Tashiro on April 18 and 19.       Unfortunatelly the cold front was coming up on the day before, it was a difficult situation due to a strong wing and rain. There are no hatches, the wea... more


Fly Fishing Fan Meeting 2015 held in Daikanyama, Tokyo

Just before the fishing season starts, we had the Fly Fishing Fan Meeting 2015 at Weekend Garage Tokyo, Daikanyama, Tokyo. It was co-hosted event by Japanese fly fishing manufacturers, retailers and experts.      It was actually a cold ... more

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