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RIOT BLADE Won EFTTEX 2019 Best New Product Award

Brussels, Belgium, July 12, 2019: We are honored to announce that the RIOT BLADE won the EFTTEX 2019 Best New Product Award in the metal lures category.      This innovative spin tail jigs features two arms, like a crankbait... more


TIEMCO 50th Anniversary

In 2019, TIEMCO celebrates its 50th anniversary.     We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years. Let's take a look back over the history, and another 50 years will begin. We would appreciate your continuous s... more


[Video] Glimmer 6 – The Mid Strolling Special

We are introducing the new size of Glimmer 6. Along with the Glimmer 7, we are having many positive feedbacks and they catches many fish all over Japan.       New Video. The JB Top50 Pro Kazufumi Yamaoka and a pro guide Takeru Tomimoto fish ... more
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New Product – PDL Spin Calibur

  The sinking double swisher catches fish, but they are often snagged. We wanted to use them in cover area. We solved the problem by putting a spinner bait like wire. The prop has a different fluctuation from that of spinner bait blades. Bass loves high-speed roation of... more


Glimmer 7 – The Mid Strolling Special

  The Glimmer 7 is a unique hard plastic bait specially designed for Mid Strolling technique. We found that we sometimes miss a bite when using a soft plastic bait with jig head. This makes attractive stable rolling action with treble hooks. The front hook is fixed by m... more


New Brand – PDL Locoism

PDL Locoism We are pleased to introduce our new softplastic bait series going local. Every local anglers have their own way or a successful bait. We gather feedbacks from local anglers and develop localized baits.    The first product line is PDL Cr... more


Introducing SUMARI’s new fast sinking model 50FS/80FS

We are pleased to introduce that we are adding 2 new SUMARI's new fast sinking models to fish deeper and further area.      The SUMARI 50FS sinks faster than 50S, however, it is not just heavy. When we fish around 1m depth or shallowe... more

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