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Glimmer 7 – The Mid Strolling Special



The Glimmer 7 is a unique hard plastic bait specially designed for Mid Strolling technique. We found that we sometimes miss a bite when using a soft plastic bait with jig head. This makes attractive stable rolling action with treble hooks. The front hook is fixed by magnet so the bait goes on a straight line. Advised by JB Pro Kazufumi Yamaoka, Mid Strolling specialist. 


Glimmer 7
70mm, 5.6g, Sinking


Check out this video. Kazuhiro explains how to fish with. 



Recommended Tackles:
Rod: 6'2"- 7' UL to L action
Line: 4-6lb
0.4-0.8 PE+4-5lb Fluorocarbon Leader(1m)



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