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Lure FishingProduct News Introducing SUMARI’s new fast sinking model 50FS/80FS


Introducing SUMARI’s new fast sinking model 50FS/80FS

We are pleased to introduce that we are adding 2 new SUMARI's new fast sinking models to fish deeper and further area. 




The SUMARI 50FS sinks faster than 50S, however, it is not just heavy. When we fish around 1m depth or shallower area, we think it is better to roll while sinking. We also wanted to have a moment between twitching actions. 



For more interval between, we would suggest usig the 50S which sinks slower.


For streams, we use fast action rod with monofilament nylon line 5lb. PE line might also work when we need sharper movement. We adopt Cultiva STBL-1.56BC hooks. 


The SUMARI80FS is for river down-cross fishing. It creates atractive wobbling and rolling action with less retrieving resistance. Just cast and retrieve, and no jerking or twitching rod movement are needed.   




Enjoy your fishing with SUMARI.



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