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New Product – PDL Spin Calibur



The sinking double swisher catches fish, but they are often snagged. We wanted to use them in cover area. We solved the problem by putting a spinner bait like wire. The prop has a different fluctuation from that of spinner bait blades. Bass loves high-speed roation of props, you know. The 0.3mm thin stainless steel props rotate even at slower speed. Just retrieve like as spinner bait. Works also with trailer bait. 


We tested several designs. We were so happy when we caught the first fish on.




On a day. 





It is our perception that, the Spin Calibur is weaker than spinner baits, and stronger than swimming jigs. We feel that the fish follow and bite. We believe it is because of the fluctuaton of props. 





The Spin Calibur has lower lifting power and tends to stay on the bottom area. It is actually easier to trace the bottom than spinner baits. It is your choice whether putting a trailer bait or not. 




Do not think too much. Just cast and retrieve like spinner bait. You might need to adjust the angle of front prop. The deeper you bend, the steadier the bait become. (Do not bend the rear prop, or it becomes a more comlicated process.)




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