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Riot Blade wins Asp from Heavy Current

Rob from Netherlands shared us how he caught a nice Asp with Riot Blade. Check out the great photos with Rob's happy smile!     "The Asp was caught in a spot where a big river enters a big lake. There are some edges with fast current and th... more


Australian Breams on IMERU 50s

We have received a fishing report from Matt Finney. He is a member of EJ Todd & Son, one of our distributors from Australia. Matt shared beautiful pictures of decent breams caught with IMERU 50s.     "The bream where smashing it with a few ... more


Trophy Yamame on Sumari 50S

I was fishing on a accustomed small local stream. I cast the Sumari 50S upstream and twitch around rocks in the water as I always do. I caught some char, but they were all small. Then I found a spot where a tree is hanging on to a pool. I caught a nice Yamame, which is nice enough for t... more


How to fish in rainy season

The western part of Japan is in the rainy season, however, we have little rain this year. Obviously low-water and bad water-quality are not good for fishing, especially post-spawning season. Humm......   Not to change the subject, but, let me introduce the new hard bait ... more


Do the right thing

I thought the big ones has moved because of rain fall..., so I went to a stream. I think I made a correct assumption. I fished 34cm Amago fish on SUMARI 67S just with three casts.        I fished a deeper area on a spoon lure (Lightning... more
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Good char on SUMARI 50FS

November 17th   I went to Kuzuryu river waters with one of my friends. I started with Sumari 50S Pink Tiger color and caught a first one on the day. There were many fishermen that day, so I managed to find a spot to fish.    I casted the bait in... more
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Hiroyuki Hirose: First Cherry Salmon in 2015

I was trying for Cherry salmon on Kuzuryu River in a cold morning of middle April.    At around 7:00AM, I got a small strike. I believe it was a Cherry salmon. I changed baits, minnows, spoons..., but nothing happended. At around 10:00AM, I returned to the first spo... more


Keitaro Nakata: DERUZZE 70F for smelt pattern fishing

  The reason why we developed this bait is just to cope with smelt pattern fishing in spring.     This bait immitates a floating smelt. It floats at 45 degree and the body rolls by waves and winds, so you do not need to make any movemen... more


Masaaki Noro fishing for Japanese spanish mackerel

What is your first fishing trip this year? To those who have not decided a plan yet, I got a good news. Japanese spanish mackerel has just come to the Sagami bay.    I normally fish them with jigging. It was the day for fast-retrieving long jigs. The Ocean Domi... more

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