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Lure FishingPro Staff Blog Masaaki Noro fishing for Japanese spanish mackerel


Masaaki Noro fishing for Japanese spanish mackerel

What is your first fishing trip this year? To those who have not decided a plan yet, I got a good news. Japanese spanish mackerel has just come to the Sagami bay. 


I normally fish them with jigging. It was the day for fast-retrieving long jigs. The Ocean Dominator Long 120g was it. 


When you need more action on your jigs, the Ocean Dominator Bottom Fish might workd better. You might need the Ocean Dominator Classic for more falling atraction.  If you find a boiling, you need to cast the Ocean Dominator Meta Pen


My Tackles:
Rod: Ocean Dominator OD60SM
Reel: 4000 – 5000
Line: PE 0.8
Leader: Nylon 30lb.
Lure: Ocean Dominator Long 120g



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