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How to fish in rainy season

The western part of Japan is in the rainy season, however, we have little rain this year. Obviously low-water and bad water-quality are not good for fishing, especially post-spawning season. Humm……


Not to change the subject, but, let me introduce the new hard bait "Slug Fest".  It is a jointed and noisy surface bait. 




110mm long and weighs 28g. Fat and blue gill-shaped bait. It is so easy to use. Retrieve it slowly and the bait makes attractive clicking sound at the body and tail part. You can cast further, have fun to retrieve and see the fish biting on the water surface. 


I visited a small pond with the bait at 6:00 am in the mornig. It seemed like there are no fish at all… 





It looked like a good spot. It is a good place for fish to hide and there are lots of baits among the rocks. I casted the Slug Fest quietly and waited ripples to flat out. And the bait started to click…





Here it is.





I believe the Slug Fest is best suited for rainy day, low light situation, under the overhung trees in summer. This also works with high-speed retrieving and as a shallow crankbait. Enjoy. 


Hiroshi Adachi
TIemco Bass Feild Staff



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