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Lure FishingPro Staff Blog Hiroyuki Hirose: First Cherry Salmon in 2015


Hiroyuki Hirose: First Cherry Salmon in 2015

I was trying for Cherry salmon on Kuzuryu River in a cold morning of middle April. 
At around 7:00AM, I got a small strike. I believe it was a Cherry salmon. I changed baits, minnows, spoons…, but nothing happended. At around 10:00AM, I returned to the first spot and changed the bait to the first one I used/SUMARI 90MD Snow Pink.  
I made a up-cross cast, and when the bait came across, I got a big strike. I thought it hooked up at a good area because of fish's movement. The Enhancer rod absorbed and the fish didn't run wild. Eventually I landed it.  
This one was my first Chrerry on this year. It took a great weight off my shoulders. 
My Tackle:
Rod: Enhancer 96
Line: 10lb.
Shock Leader: 20lb.
Lure: SUMARI 90MD Snow Pink

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