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Lure FishingPro Staff Blog Keitaro Nakata: DERUZZE 70F for smelt pattern fishing


Keitaro Nakata: DERUZZE 70F for smelt pattern fishing



The reason why we developed this bait is just to cope with smelt pattern fishing in spring.



This bait immitates a floating smelt. It floats at 45 degree and the body rolls by waves and winds, so you do not need to make any movements by rods. Let it drift and it automatically gives the fish a image of dying smelt. 


On my home lake (Lake Sai), it is a pattern in April to June. I actually caught over 200 nice fish on this DERUZZE 70F. I believe they works in your lake, too. 




For better hook penetration, the stem extension does not let the hook touches the body. The hook also works as pendulum so the body rolls more. 



We put the TMC MORPHO FIBER on the tail part. The Morpho Fiber is a structurally colored material that mimics the mechanism that causes the scales on the wings of the Morpho Butterfly to show color. Its natural and delicate self-illumination and its movement attracts fish.  




I personally prefer to leave it float longer, sometime over 10 minutes. We painted a orange mark as a indicator so you can spot the bait. 




I use PE line and 4-5 lbs fluorocarbon leaders. It is important that the line also does float on the surface.




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