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Snakehead on the Wild Mouse

Following last post in September, the Wild Mouse has shown its inestimable potential again in Thailand. Here is another fishing report from Yuki living in Bangkok.   “Playing with Wild Mouse is so much fun at Thai fishing pond! Last time was Barramandi, and this time I ... more


Wild Mouse goes worldwide

Thanks to many anglers in Japan that Wild Mouse is now one of signature bass lures of TIEMCO. Now it's time for Wild Mouse to go abroad to attract more predators!      We have received a fishing report from an angler, Yuki from Ba... more


Perfect Yamame River

I invited one of my friend to fish a river in Akita, Tohoku district, Japan. It was the river where he wanted me to fish and kindly offered to guide there. He always told about the story on the river and I couldn't wait for the day.    There is a good flat stre... more


Bass fishing with Koji Yoshida in Kasumigaura

We went to Kasumigaura to have a meeting (fishing!) with Koji Yoshida about the new crank bait. He is the first professional bass fisherman in Japan and the absolute mine of information in crank bait.    It was raining, but it was absolutely fun.  ... more

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