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Perfect Yamame River

I invited one of my friend to fish a river in Akita, Tohoku district, Japan. It was the river where he wanted me to fish and kindly offered to guide there. He always told about the story on the river and I couldn't wait for the day. 


There is a good flat stretch in front of us with rocks under water. It looks great and there are fish everywhere. The first fish came in a few seconds. 




It is a charming beutiful Yamame fish. The river is running through a woods and I feel very nice. There are a lot of rocks, drops and deeps. 




We fish in turn and catch at every spot supposed to be. I took the SUMARI 50FS with the Enhancer Catalyst EHC59ML-2. Yamame fish came in one after another.  




Here we came up to a nice deep. After I caught three fish, I faced the head of the stretch. I got the minnow bait down into the water and twitched. At the last moment I felt a weight. I was assured it is over 30cm (It is a trophy size) and my friend said "Big one!!!!!". 




It was 29cm… 1cm short… Anyhow, it was the best fish on the day. 


The fishing was still going good. My friend an I were cast in turn and caught 4 fishes on 4 casts. It is amazing. 




On the last part of the fishing, I caught a one with unique parr mark, which is different from the ones we have caught. 




I showed him and he said that this is the specific Yamame kind in this river and this is the one he wanted me to fish. Hmmm, it looks truly a mountain fish. I made a quiet promise to fish a trophy size of this kind someday. 


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