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Wild Mouse goes worldwide

Thanks to many anglers in Japan that Wild Mouse is now one of signature bass lures of TIEMCO. Now it's time for Wild Mouse to go abroad to attract more predators! 




We have received a fishing report from an angler, Yuki from Bangkok, Thailand. He caught a decent barramundi with Wild Mouse at famous fishing pond Pilot 111 near Bangkok. Here are Yuki's comments;




''It was a pretty tough day for catching barramundi as usual, but Wild Mouse (original size) made my day! There are some floating weed along the bank where active fish are hiding for baits to come around. So Wild Mouse is best matching lure with the location for exiting surface game."

"Single hook has advantages once hook is set because it's durable and hook wouldn't come off easily even barramundi shakes head strongly. Also Wild Mouse is great hook setting because of the unique shape and material."


Yuki is willing to try Wild Mouse Magnum and Emperor next time. We will be waiting for your next catch, Yuki.


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