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TMC Ceramic Bobbin Fine Tube Won IFTD 2018 New Product Showcase

  Orland, Florida, July 12, 2018: We are honored to announce that the Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Fine Tube won the IFTD 2018 New Product Showcase in the fly tying vise and tying tools category.    About New Product Showcase Attendees of Inte... more


Fishing Tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido

Hosted a regular fishing tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido, Japan, in early June, when many aquatic insects are supposed to be very active. It must be a fun three-day tour, Friday through Sunday.        It includes transportation service... more


From dusk till dawn – Seabass Fly Fishing School

In early spring, Tokyo Bay area, we held a fly fishing school for saltwater beginners. This time it was a night fishing on boat.      1st round: PM3:00 - PM7:30 2nd round: PM8:00 - AM0:30 3rd round: AM1:00 - AM5:30 Two s... more


Catch & Release (a sigh)

I visited the Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido, this fall twice on October 21 to 24 and November 11 to 13. I just wanted to fish enough just before the lake got frozen. The first visit might be on the best time, and the second one for lingering farewell.    On the first tra... more


Rainbow on the Sink-Tip

A friend of mine was planning to fish the mainstream of the river Saigawa, Nagano, and took me out. He picked me up at 5:00AM.        On the way to the fishing spot, we found a Japanese persimmon tree bearing a lot of fruits. I fel... more


TMC Adjustable Magnet Bobbin Won IFTD 2017 New Product Showcase

  Orland, Florida, July 13, 2017: We are honored to announce that the Tiemco Adjustable Magnet Bobbin won the IFTD 2017 New Product Showcase in the fly tying vise and tying tools category.    About New Product Showcase More than 330 att... more


Headwater Fishing in Shinshu

A friend of mine took me out to headwater fishing for char in the middle of June. I am not familiar to that kind of fishing and have little experience in the mountainous area.        We went down to the river and there are lots of huge ... more


Take the opposite course

I heard that, especially after the C&R rule got effective, the Lake Chuzenji, Nikko, Tochigi pref, has been in very good shape. I thought the famous shore would be very very crouded, so I decided to try a different side. There are no fishermen in the spot. For fishermen, this w... more


Midge fishing in a city

Even though rivers are closed in winter, but we can fish in our city. The Pale Chub lives in rivers running in residential areas and rises in specific spots on a warm day without wind.          I tied some CDC midge flies on TMC508 with Shimazaki Str... more


25th Anniversary of Shimazaki Dry Shake

We are happy to announce that it is the 25th anniversary of Shimazaki Dry Shake. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.    We first introduced the original Dry Shake in 1992 and we have been making improvements. Just take a look back on his... more


Enexpected snowfall – Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido –

I was on a fishing tour to Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido, to hunt Japanese Hucho. It was very hot last time I visited, this time we had a snow. Asahikawa City saw the heaviest October snow in 33 years. We had a snowstorm on the lake and it was like midwinter for me as Tokyo residents. The snow ha... more


Chasing rainbows in a small stream

I got time unexpectedly on Sunday and was wondering if I could go fishing or not. It was fine weather like summer sunshine, and I thought it will be tough fishing in the daytime. I arrived the small stream around 2 PM, where I once caught a nice Yamame fish.   &... more


TMC Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin

We are introducing the new bobbin holder with ceramic tube. The Adjustable Magnet Bobbin controls thread tension with magnetic force.      Like high-quality disc drag reels, thre drag system offers a maximum smoothness and have very low startup... more


Lake Chuzenji – Blowin’ in the strong wind

I knew it will be a windy day, but it was the only chance I could fish the Lake Chuzenji on weekday. It was very very windy.       Yes, there were little people out there. I could fish any where I wanted to. After I checked 6 spots, I felt a small take. I cast type 3/4... more


Rainbow on a Mayfly Wet size 10

I took a fishing trip to Hokkaido on this Silver Week (5-day consecutive national holidays) with 2 fishing buddies. There were beautiful full bloom cosmos along the road.     I was assuming a autumnal fishing pattern. Last year I lost a big rainbow tro... more

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