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Seabass fishing on a crystalline autumn afternoon

I went fishing for seabass with a friend in late October. I had been checking on the weather forecast for a week and it said it will be rainning on that day…


When we arrived at the bay, it turned out to be a fine day. Because I caught nothing last time, so I was fired up.





I was testing a new fly pattern. With TMC8089 size 6, I was assured it will be a perfect match for sardine.





We left the dock at 11:30 AM and the captain takes us to fishing spots. It is a bit windy and nothing happened. Then the captain made a big move and found a calm area. He explained that there are scoops on the wall below the surface.  


I casted a floating sardine fly to the wall and retrieved along it. After some casts, I found a fish chasing. With more casts, the fish finally came up to the fly as if it is a dry fly on a stream. 





One more fish. I enjoyed the fight for the first time in a while. 





On another spot, fish came up just before I pick up the fly. My guess was that, they were at 10 meter depth and takes time to the surface. So I just let the fly be on the surface for a longer period. Correct!





Now we got. We fished one after another. 





It was a good fishing day. My friend and I talked for a while over what happened on that day and left the area. That was fun and a nice seabass fishing in autumn. 




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