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Fly FishingTiemco Blog [Video] TMC Fly Tying Room #001 Pellet Marabou


[Video] TMC Fly Tying Room #001 Pellet Marabou

Marabou patterns are the must for my lake fishing and area fishing in Japan. The marabou tail attracts trout better than any other tailing materials I believe. Among various similar fly patterns, my most reliable pattern is “Pellet Marabou”.




It not only works well as a searching fly when I cannot find any hatches on the surface , but works well when there are some hatches of diptera on the lakes and ponds. The tying tips are; tie the tail securely not to tangle during casting, and tie body sparsely by using the twist loop dubbing on the gold underbody.


The most recommended hook is TMC113BLH, heavy version of TMC103BL, for big fish but I sometimes tie it on the TMC102Y or TMC9300 when fish is spooky.


Check out the video.




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