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Catch & Release (a sigh)

I visited the Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido, this fall twice on October 21 to 24 and November 11 to 13. I just wanted to fish enough just before the lake got frozen. The first visit might be on the best time, and the second one for lingering farewell. 


On the first travel, it seemed like the fishing was very tough… the water turned over earlier. I caught just two Hucho on the Day 1, two white-spotted char on the Day 2. Nothing happened on the rest of the fishing. 





Second travel in November. Snowstorm on the Day 1…The water got turbid and nothing happened. I found a spot, where the water is clearer than other areas,  and caught a couple of fish around noon.  




Day 3. Again, I was fishing the area where the water is clearer. At half past 10, I hooked up something heavy like snagging on the bottom. I awared it was Hucho because of its head shaking. 


When it comes up to the water surface, I realized it is over 80cm, the biggest one for me this year. I was rushing to get it in the landing net. The fish suddenly turned and started to run. Gone……………………


Check out the video and hear my heartfelt sigh… 




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