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Rainbow on the Sink-Tip

A friend of mine was planning to fish the mainstream of the river Saigawa, Nagano, and took me out. He picked me up at 5:00AM. 





On the way to the fishing spot, we found a Japanese persimmon tree bearing a lot of fruits. I felt a sense of warmth of beautiful autumn. The water got muddy because of the recent rain, though, I thought it is still clear enough to fish. 





My friend wanted to see my fishing and I started with a nymph on a single hand rod. I made some casts and drifted it, but nothing happened there. I changed spots and rods. I picked double-hand rod with a sink-tip type 4 flyline. I tied a leech pattern on the tippet. 





After a bite, I got hooked a fish. The line system and the fly worked. 






My friend also had fun afterward. Now I think it was the day for fishing among the rainy week. 




The mountain was starting to turn autumn colors. 


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