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Headwater Fishing in Shinshu

A friend of mine took me out to headwater fishing for char in the middle of June. I am not familiar to that kind of fishing and have little experience in the mountainous area. 





We went down to the river and there are lots of huge rocks. I felt embarrassed being in that situation and took me a while to start feeling comfortable. Humm….., anyhow, I started with Shimazaki's Marshmallow flies




It looks like there are no fishermen before us today,  and I caught a nice char soon. They didn't care what flies I casted for; Elk Hair Caddis, Beetles, whatever.





I used 7ft short leader and added just 80cm 5X tippet. 





My friend and I were going upstream and fished in turn. Fish comes out from almost every spot. The bigger spot had a bigger fish. 





We fished the section and l looked back the stream. I felt safe that time. Clear water, big rocks, fresh greenery leaves….That was a memorable fishing trip day for me. 




Masa Kondo


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