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Boat Fishing for Black seabream

I went black seabream fishing with Seakuro in late July. Black seabream fishing at Seakuro involves using a fly resembling a sandworm, as Kondo-san mentioned in a previous blog post. While I had been intrigued by this technique, I hadn't had the chance to go until now, making this my first attempt.


Ideally, the prime season seems to be until the end of June, but it appears that they've been catching quite well even recently. Excited for my first attempt, I prepared my tackle and just before heading out, I tied only four sandworm-like flies.




Early in the morning is said to be a good time for seabass to show some activity, so initially, I cast game changers and iwai minnows targeting seabass. However, on this day, the fish didn't seem particularly motivated, and I only had a couple of bites that resulted in mere nibbles under the fly, not leading to a full bite.


So, I decided to switch to my main target, the black seabream, and I was able to catch one right away at the first spot.




At that spot, there was another bite, but the fish got off the hook quickly. When I inspected the fly, I saw that it had bent, concealing the hook point.


At the next couple of spots, I managed to cast accurately and hook up with a single cast, confirming Captain Okamoto's advice that active fish will come and bite enthusiastically.




Afterward, we moved to shallower waters, and while there were a few bites, I couldn't manage to hook them properly. I ended up catching three fish in total. Thanks to Captain Okamoto's skillful boat handling and precise advice, I was able to enjoy my first boat black seabream fishing experience.




We departed at 4:30 in the morning and returned after a 4-hour fishing session around 8:30. I savored the powerful fight of the black seabream in the early morning hours before the intense heat of midday. While I thought boat black seabream fishing in the heart of summer was fantastic, I also decided that next year, I'd like to challenge myself during the peak months of May and June.





Tackle Data:

  • Rod: LOOP 7X Single L7X890-4MF
  • Reel: LOOP Reel Opti Runner ORU BK
  • Line: OH&D WF-8-F (with braided loop at the tip)
  • Leader: Fluorocarbon tippet 1X, 1.2-1.5m
  • Fly: Sandworm fly (adjusted sinking rate with a tungsten bead)



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