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Take the opposite course

I heard that, especially after the C&R rule got effective, the Lake Chuzenji, Nikko, Tochigi pref, has been in very good shape. I thought the famous shore would be very very crouded, so I decided to try a different side. There are no fishermen in the spot. For fishermen, this will be interpreted two ways. Case #1: No fish. Case #2: Paradise. Let's see which case it is today.





I was trying for a Lake Trout with a marabou pattern tied on TMC708 #6. Obviously I needed to get the fly down to the bottom.





I counted 50 sec, 80 sec, 100 sec, 120 sec…, but I coundn't feel the bottom at all… After the 40 minutes, a fish suddenly took the fly while I was counting. It was 58cm Lake Trout. What a beauty….  





I remembered it was count 90 sec. I could be so sure about what I was doing. Next one came after 30 minutes. About the same size.





I got fish contacts every 30 to 60 minutes. 45cm to 60cm. I caught 9 fish before lunch. Yes, that was too good. 






The strong wind started to blow in the afternoon. So I counted up to 130 sec to get it sink deeper. I hit the jackpot. I added 4 more fish. 





This was a amazing fishing day. Sometimes it is good to take the opposite course from others. 






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