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Fly FishingEvent News Fishing Tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido


Fishing Tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido

Hosted a regular fishing tour to the river Akan, Hokkaido, Japan, in early June, when many aquatic insects are supposed to be very active. It must be a fun three-day tour, Friday through Sunday. 





It includes transportation service not only to the airport, but to the fishing spot. All you have to do is fishing. We went fishing right after we arrived at the hotel. 





It was raining on the day and the temprature went down by 20 degrees C, but fortunatelly fish was active because of the insect hatch of the day before. The river flow was a bit higher, but the water is still clear because the beautiful forest keeps the water.  That is amazing.






As soon as we went back to the hotel, we all dived into the hot spring. Awesome! After warmed up, we enjoyed the wonderful foods. We talked over fishing of the day late at night. That is also a good part of fishing trip. 


It was cold and raining in the day 2 again, but the river is still in the good condition. We enjoyed fishing with dries, nymph, and whatever. 






 Finally we got the sun in the day 3. The fishing got even better. Spinner falls! The fish rises everywhere. Of course, we fished until the last minute. 








Every fisherman comes back to the river in sometime, we know. 


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