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Fly FishingEvent News From dusk till dawn – Seabass Fly Fishing School


From dusk till dawn – Seabass Fly Fishing School

In early spring, Tokyo Bay area, we held a fly fishing school for saltwater beginners. This time it was a night fishing on boat. 




1st round: PM3:00 – PM7:30

2nd round: PM8:00 – AM0:30

3rd round: AM1:00 – AM5:30

Two students each. 


At this time of season, it it fun to fish seabass boiling for baitfish. Good season for Japanese rockfish as well.





In the dusk of the evening, you need to use sinking fly line and fish deeper. As it gets darker and the fish rises, now you can use a floating or a intermediate fly line. 




Looks like we had a good school.


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