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TMC Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin

We are introducing the new bobbin holder with ceramic tube. The Adjustable Magnet Bobbin controls thread tension with magnetic force.      Like high-quality disc drag reels, thre drag system offers a maximum smoothness and have very low startup... more


2015 New TMC Fly Hook Designs

We are pleased to introduce our 4 new hook designs.    TMC226BL Caddis pupa & larva, Floating nymph, Emerger, Soft Hackle, Keel nymph, Parachute, U/E, IXF, Organic bend, Barbless, Bronze. Heavier version of TMC206BL that the legendary fly tyer Rene... more


Flue Remover – An easier way of stripping the peacock herl

There are some ways to strip the peacock herls. You might have tried to waxing, dry-shaking, erasers, and so on.... The Flue Remover makes it an easy task.    1. Apply small amount and spread on to the entire peacock herl. 2. Stroke and remove the flue... more

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