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Fly Fishing
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Lake Chuzenji – Blowin’ in the strong wind

I knew it will be a windy day, but it was the only chance I could fish the Lake Chuzenji on weekday. It was very very windy.       Yes, t
Fly Fishing
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Rainbow on a Mayfly Wet size 10

I took a fishing trip to Hokkaido on this Silver Week (5-day consecutive national holidays) with 2 fishing buddies. There were beautiful full bloom cosmos along the ro
Fly Fishing
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Tiemco Blog

Big dry fly fishing in Hokkaido

I visited Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan, to host fly fishing schools. I met about 60 students in three days, which was truly fun. Then I had a chance to fish a
Fly Fishing
Tiemco Blog

How to tie Shimazaki’s Marshmallow Body Flies

  You might not yet heard about Marshmallow Flies, that was first published years ago by Ken Shimazaki. It is a very effective and simple&n
Fly Fishing
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Tiemco Blog

Japanese Hucho (Taimen) Fishing in Hokkaido

I went fishing to the Lake Syumarinai, Hokkaido, on May 27th to 29th, for Hucho. I wish I could visit there earlier, but I couldn't take days off until
Fly Fishing
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Tiemco Blog

Yamame fishing in Yozawa Fishing Area

I visited the Yozawa Fishing Area for the first time. It is a quaint hitoric area since 1955, and has been a training river for Japanese flyfishers.  &n