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Takashi “Ninja” Sendo reviews Sight Master Polarized Sunglasses

The polarized sunglasses is a must for my fishing because I have light eye color. I wear anytime I am out to protect my eyes. 




Now I am wearing the Sight Master Classico, which is a Wellington typed model. I personally do not like 8-base curved sunglasses. I like much flatter and bigger lens. This model is 6-base and the lenses are laid flat across the front, but it blocks lights with visors. It features visors at upper corners, but it does not look it does. 


I once used other sunglasses with CR39 or urethane material lenses. Someone said to me that there are no reasons to use glass lens any more. Maybe he is right for his use, probably for daily life. 




It might be true when we buy new one. You might be remembered that the fishing glasses will be used under extreme conditions. The longer you use, the more you find differences. The Sight Master's polarized glass lenses are scratch-resistant and have less aging. They are very tough and long-lasting. 


I was used to be buying new sunglasses every year. The plastic lenses get cloudy and distorted after one year use. On the contrary, the Sight Master stays super clear as it was. You might be awared which is reasonable. 


I am using three lens colors, Super Light Brown, Super Light Gray and Ease Green mainly. The Super Selen and Light Rose might be some options when I need more contrast. I use different colors for each fishing situations. 




The Super Light Brown is my favorite simply because it is well-balanced. I think it is a all-around lens. I would suggest that the Super Light Brown and Ease Green for the first choice. 


The Sight Master sunglasses are indispensable not only for my fishing, but for my life. 








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