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Shimazaki Hot Wax


Shimazaki Hot Wax

A solid wax that firmly holds materials in place

01 How to use the Shimazaki Hot Wax / Ken Shimazaki

01 How to use the Shimazaki Hot Wax Black / Ken Shimazaki

It is a solid wax for tying. When used on thicker materials such as Shima Sakiy Stretch Body with the Double Twist Extension (DTE) technique, it can be melted and applied firmly, allowing you to securely hold the material. You can use it as is for fine threads such as 8/0 and 6/0. Although it deforms and hardens when heated, it does not cause any problems in use.

Available in: Original, Black

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Product Code
JAN Code
Model SRP
Shimazaki Hot Wax Shimazaki Hot Wax ¥ 1,200
Shimazaki Hot Wax Black Shimazaki Hot Wax Black ¥ 1,500

Description of item

Shimazaki Hot Wax

¥ 1,200

Size: 45mm*45mm*20mm
Weight: 40g

Shimazaki Hot Wax Black

¥ 1,500

Shimazaki Hot Wax Black is a black tying wax. Compared to its sister product Shimazaki Hot Wax, it has a hard finish, making it easy to express the hardness of ants. Please heat it with a lighter and melt it. When cooled, it becomes hard and can easily create a non-absorbent ant body. Additionally, by winding thread on the shank and then coating it with wax, you can create a body with a glossy finish. It is also recommended for fixing the base of the parachute post. With excellent water-repellent performance, it can be used for various fly patterns depending on how it is used, of course including dry flies.

Size: 47mm*25mm*10mm
Weight: 11g