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TMC Stretch Foam


TMC Stretch Foam

Elastic foam material

How to use the TMC Stretch Foam

TMC Fly Tying Room Vol.20

TMC Stretch Foam is a fly tying material with excellent elasticity and durability. Its volume can be easily adjusted by making it thinner or thicker, making it easy to adjust the presence of the fly. Additionally, the material is difficult to cut, making it resistant to damage from fish teeth and allowing you to tie durable flies. It is especially recommended for tele-tied patterns such as foam ants.

Color: Black
Thickness: 2mm, 3mm
Size: 105cm*65cm


Product Code
JAN Code
Model SRP
TMC Stretch Foam 2mm Black TMC Stretch Foam 2mm Black ¥ 550
TMC Stretch Foam 3mm Black ¥ 550