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EUFLEX J-Switch Fly Rod


EUFLEX J-Switch Fly Rod

Discover the reimagined 'Japanese' Switch Rod – your ultimate companion for fly fishing.

Embraced by anglers for over 13 years since its debut in 2011, the J-Switch has solidified its position as a prominent 'Japanese' Switch Rod through minor updates and additional models. In 2024, the J Switch undergoes a comprehensive redesign, returning to its roots as a 'Single-Handed Switch Rod.' Prioritizing ease of use in single-handed applications, models 3 and 4 feature a 10’3” total length, while 5 and 6 boast a 10’6” length, resulting in significantly improved rod balance and reduced weight. Across all models, both fore and rear grips are now of a compact design, enhancing overall functionality.

The cosmetics feature the signature dark navy blue of the J-Switch around the logo, complemented by a two-tone color scheme with a matte black finish across the entire blank. Designed for visual appeal, it incorporates a large logo and easily readable line weights. The aluminum parts boast a gloss black finish, while the reel seat features a spartan carbon spacer. Equipped with silver one-foot guide (#3), snake guides (#4–6), and a stainless steel frame ceramic stripping guide for enhanced performance.

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Product Code
JAN Code
Model Length Line Weight Sections Grip Closed Length SRP
EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1033-4 EN NEW EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1033-4 EN 10'3"(312cm) #3 4pc F:185mm, R:75mm 82cm ¥ 38,000
EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1034-4 NEW EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1034-4 10'3"(312cm) #4 4pc F:185mm, R:75mm 82cm ¥ 38,000
EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1065-4 NEW EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1065-4 10'6"(320cm) #5 4pc F:185mm, R:75mm 84.5cm ¥ 38,000
EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1066-4 NEW EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1066-4 10'6"(320cm) #6 4pc F:185mm, R:75mm 84.5cm ¥ 38,000

Description of item

EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1033-4 EN

NEW ¥ 38,000

The Euro Nymph Rod that doubles as a Switch Rod.

Engineered with a primary focus on Euro Nymphing, this rod is designed to convey the nymph's underwater state with high sensitivity to the angler's hands. The rod features a fast action, marrying a responsive and delicate tip with a robust butt capable of handling larger catches. The high-stick-friendly weight balance minimizes fatigue during prolonged use. Opting for a one-foot guide instead of a snake guide reduces weight, and the detachable 3-inch rear grip adds versatility to the design.

The JSWT1033-4EN, positioned as a Euro Nymph Rod that can also function as a Switch Rod, embodies a versatile concept that extends beyond limiting its performance to Switch Rod capabilities. Whether paired with a floating line for dry fly, wet fly fishing, or indicator nymphing, or combined with a sinking line for retrieval techniques, the rod's potential extends beyond boundaries. Its design, influenced by the image of a single-handed 5-weight rod, makes it an all-around performer suitable for a variety of angling techniques.

EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1034-4

NEW ¥ 38,000

An all-purpose Switch Rod suitable for both mountain streams and small to mid-sized main rivers.

An all-around rod designed to accommodate various fly fishing styles from dry flies, wet flies, to nymphs in mountain streams and mid-sized rivers. Ideal for cross to downstream rise fishing, wet fly swings, indicator fishing in pools, and Euro Nymphing in faster currents. Its length facilitates natural drifts, technical maneuvers like reach and mending, and excels in dry fly fishing in still waters, soft hackle fishing just below the surface, and even light retrieval techniques. With the versatility reminiscent of a single-handed 6-weight rod, it adapts seamlessly to a myriad of fishing scenarios.

EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1065-4

NEW ¥ 38,000

An all-purpose Switch Rod that knows no boundaries, equally effective in main rivers, lakes, and various fishing environments.

This model excels in lake scenarios, catering to rise fishing for caddisflies and mayflies, as well as streamer retrieval. It is equally well-suited for wet fly fishing and dry fly presentations in main rivers. The supple blank efficiently translates the load of the line into responsive power, providing casting strength within its lightweight design. Modeled after the versatility of a single-handed 7-weight rod, it offers adaptability for a wide range of fishing techniques, making it ideal for various scenarios.

EUFLEX J-Switch JSWT1066-4

NEW ¥ 38,000

An all-around model that combines power and finesse for versatility.

This model boasts casting power to easily deliver bulky dry flies such as Floating Minnows, Cicadas, and Hoppers, along with lifting power capable of handling trophy-sized fish. Suitable for floating line fishing as well as exploring lakes and mid-sized rivers from the surface to the depths with various sinking lines. The shortened length from the previous model results in a lightweight and compact design, ensuring fatigue-free casting throughout the day. Despite its lighter and more compact form, it doesn't compromise on casting power and can compete with the prowess of a light two-handed rod. Versatile enough to handle a variety of scenarios, this rod is akin to a single-handed 8-weight.