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TMC Crescent Tweezer


TMC Crescent Tweezer

The flat tip shape facilitates delicate tasks with ease.

This is a tweezer with a pointed tip, reminiscent of a sharp pair of tweezers. Its crescent-shaped design provides easy handling, allowing for finer tasks compared to regular tweezers. The inner side of the pointed tip is flat, enabling a secure grip with minimal force on a single fiber or a tiny bead. This tweezer facilitates delicate tasks such as picking up fibers or quills, threading beads onto hooks, gluing epoxy eyes, and removing excess hackle with ease. Additionally, without unnecessarily pursuing lightweight construction, it maintains a moderate thickness and weight, ensuring stability during intricate work. It serves as the successor to TMC tweezers.

Product Code
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TMC Crescent twister NEW TMC Crescent twister ¥ 2,000