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TIEMCO Line Clipper


TIEMCO Line Clipper

The TIEMCO Line Clipper achieving further evolution.

The TIEMCO Clipper, which revolutionized the concept in the fly fishing world, has undergone further evolution and been renewed. By reevaluating the fundamental performance of the clipper as a tool for "cutting" in fishing scenes, it has achieved the highest sharpness and a finish that fits well in the hand.

Moreover, the needle is not only for eye cleaning but can also be used for splicing knots between fly lines and leaders.

Available in: silver and black.

Product Code
JAN Code
Model SRP
TIEMCO Clipper Stainless NEW TIEMCO Clipper Stainless ¥ 1,400
TIEMCO Clipper Black NEW TIEMCO Clipper Black ¥ 1,600