Hooks are probably one of the most important factors in your fly fishing. Any inventive flies if tied on inferior hooks would nullify their intended effectiveness.

Tiemco fly hooks are designed with fly fishing in mind. With more than 40 different models with our unique shapes and quality, they cover almost every type of fly you can think of.


Launched the Tiemco Fly Hooks. Started with just 4 models (TMC100, 101, 200, 300). The high quality Japanese hook manufacturing technology, the revolutionary design and our global network was at last bearing fruit.


Introduced the black finished TMC102Y. Y stands for Yamame fish, which is small and quick-taking. The carbon-black color does not cause a grayish reflection.

TMC200 and some other models have a unique curve, which we call "organic bend".


These two models would also be classic standard.


Tiemco Hooks were honored by the Rod and Reel magazine Kudo Awards. Tiemco was the only firm that designs hooks specifically with the fly tyer in mind. When you are looking for hooks that possess ultra sharp points, small easy to pinch barbs, perfectly formed eyes, smooth durable finishes, consistently strong wire, and the most sensible designs.

We developped the TMC8089 with Dave Whitlock and other experts. The nickel finished TMC9394 and other Tiemco's saltwater hooks were developped with feedbacks from the best anglers of the day including Lefty Krea.

"Hooked" on Tiemco Hooks. Acknowledged by many of leaders in fly tying technology as the very best available. 


TMC200 was renewed to 200R. The popular TMC900BL, which is one of the Randall Kaufmann's favorites, has been launched in this year. The Tiemco's barbless hooks are not just barbless version of barbed model, they are designed from scratch.


Launched TMC811S stainless steel saltwater hook. They are reflecting many feedbacks from expert anglers worldwide. They would eventually be longtime seller. 


TMC Fly Hook's true value, super sharp dry fly hook.


TMC109BL and TMC206BL have many enthusiastic supporters. TMC206BL is one of Rene` Harrop's favorites.


Launched the Tiemco Quick Eye hook series.


Barbless series. The TMC2488 is not just a straight eye version of TMC2487. It is designed from scratch for better holding ability.


TMC518 size 32. The world's smallest eyed fly hook.


Launched the SP Point series.


Honored by the second Rod&Reel magazine Kudo Award.


Launched the TMC112Y in addition to the TMC212Y. Propositions to the evloving stream fishing in Japan.


Tiemco's new jig hook TMC403BLJ. Jig hooks with TMC quality.


Heavier wire version of TMC112 and 212. From Japan to the world, and the world to Japan.