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Chenille Flies Kokabu’s

The chenille material is one of my favorites simply because it is easy to tie and very versatile. 




It has been proved by many popular flies, like wooly buggers, bitch creeks rubber leg nymphs, and so on. They are available in many sizes and colors, and they are relatively inexpensive. I would like to share a story. 


In late spring in Hokkaido, I was fishing for sea-run white spotted char and cherry salmon on shore. The wind and waves got heavier, so I moved up to a river. The river is surrounded by rice paddies, as a matter of course, the water gets eutrophied. There are many muddlers and sculpins. 


I was struggling to handle heavy sinking lines. It was almost like practicing of casting. I was about to pick up the line and found the line tip going upstream. Suddenly a huge rainbow leaped to the air. My 14ft double hand rod bends like hell. I couldn't stop the reel and the fish goes far. I am not sure how long it took, eventually I landed the fish. 





Here is the fly. 


Ostrich Bugger (Loach imitation)
Hook: TMC5262 #4
Under Body: Wool Yarn
Tail: Marabou
Body: Antron Chenille
1st Rib: Millage
2nd Rib: Ostrich
3rd Rib: Mono Thread


1. Making the body profile with wool yarn. Put marabou on the tailing part.



2. Tie on the Chenille, Millage, Mono Thread.



3. Wrap the chenille and then wrap the Millage in inverse direction. 



4. Tie the chenille and wrap the mono thread in inverse direction. 



It is a very simple fly and works. You might be tying it in different colors like black, olive or dark gray. It also works as attractive pattern with chartreuse or peach colors. 



Yoshinobu Kokabu




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