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Yamame fishing in Yozawa Fishing Area

I visited the Yozawa Fishing Area for the first time. It is a quaint hitoric area since 1955, and has been a training river for Japanese flyfishers. 





I once read an article about this area and was longing for visiting, but I was too young to do it. If my memory serves me correctly, a female anger was catching a big rainbow trout on a Orvis rod.  





I visited with my colleagues. It was a calm and warm day.





I tied a parachute fly tied on TMC531 size 16 on 6X tippet and casted it. Fishes are spooky and they swim away. Then I took a distance and got a beautiful Yamame fish. 




I hooked up a branch and found many flies on it. That is fisherman. We think the same thing. 





We caught some Yamame, Brown trout, Rainbows and had a good day. It is still a good place.





Masa Kondo





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