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Japanese Hucho (Taimen) Fishing in Hokkaido

I went fishing to the Lake Syumarinai, Hokkaido, on May 27th to 29th, for Hucho. I wish I could visit there earlier, but I couldn't take days off until this opportunity. I was worried it was too late, but fortunately the water was getting clearer after a turbidity for some days. 




Day 1

I got a small boat and on shore around a point. The first fish was 44cm white-spotted char. I got another fish bite around 6PM along a bush. The fish shakes head, and I was assured it was a Hucho. It looks about 70cm, but the hook came off just before I landed. 




Day 2

Finally the south wind was coming around 11AM and there was a current rip. I fished two Japanese dace and nothing happened. I took a nap until 4PM. I caught 45cm white-spotted char and I got another one in a row. It was a Hucho actually. I landed the fish carefully and the tippet broke right after. It is a beautifull 70cm Hucho. 




The area still looks good. I hooked another one around 6PM. It was smaller but in pretty good shape. 




Day 3

The last day. I was at a familiar spot. The wind started 8AM and got a current rip. I got two smaller Hucho.




The lake gave me a good memory this time again. Maybe I will try on a single hand rod next time.




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