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Big dry fly fishing in Hokkaido

I visited Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan, to host fly fishing schools. I met about 60 students in three days, which was truly fun. Then I had a chance to fish a small stream for two days. I was wondering which rod to use because Hokkaido has a wide variety of fish. 





I bring 3 to 5 weight fly rods when I visit Hokkaido. It depends on the fly you use primarily, and the size of fish secondarily. 





I mostly fished with Marshmallow Tarantula fly pattern. It is easy to cast, better hooking and "dances" while drifting.





I noticed most fly anglers are good at natural drifting, but it sometimes doesn't work for big trout in Hokkaido. The Marshmallow Tarantula fascinates them with "dancing drift". It moves on the surface unsteadily and the rubber leg shakes.  





It is quite important to float the fly higher. You need the Dry Shake Spray or Dry Shake (30 shake!). I fortunately caught a nice 50cm trout in this trip.




Masa Kondo



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