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Rainbow on a Mayfly Wet size 10

I took a fishing trip to Hokkaido on this Silver Week (5-day consecutive national holidays) with 2 fishing buddies. There were beautiful full bloom cosmos along the road.  



I was assuming a autumnal fishing pattern. Last year I lost a big rainbow trout and I was hoping not to happen that again. I was trying for a fish chasing pink salmon with egg fly, but my 5 weight single hand rod was beaten. The fish was maybe 70cm and bigger. So I brought a bunch of egg flies this time, but there are no salmon run… OK, that's fishing. 




The water level is also high, and I didn't know what to do… At 3 o'clock, mayflies suddenly started to hatch. It seemed to be a only chance. I decided to try double-hand wet fly fishing. I fished some spots, but caught just small ones. I remembered that last year one guy caught a big rainbow on size 10 wood duck mayfly wet.




My tackle system was: OH&D Double Hand Leader 14ft 0X + 1 meter of Misty Tippet 0X. Black lead fly + may fly dropper fly. 





The mayfly trout fishing requires a very quiet casting. I was using reversed-hand casting technique. 




The fly was slowly swinging. After I fished 10 meter down the river, the fly seemed to be snagged. Too heavy to be a fish. Pink Salmon? It suddendly made a dash. The reel rotates and I was reminded of last year. I saw a beautiful red band on the side. 





I finally caught the fish. I was looking at the small wet fly on the mouth. 



Masa Kondo



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