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Chasing rainbows in a small stream

I got time unexpectedly on Sunday and was wondering if I could go fishing or not. It was fine weather like summer sunshine, and I thought it will be tough fishing in the daytime. I arrived the small stream around 2 PM, where I once caught a nice Yamame fish.





I used the Tiemco's new Indicator Leader 4X and tied bead head nymph size 12. 





The stream is so narrow and bushed. I cut the butt of the leader by 20cm and it worked. I casted the nymph into a deep and hooked up nice raibow trout. 





I got another one in the deep. The fish went up and down in the small stream. That was fun. 





The fly was opossum nymph. I changed flies to black one and that worked best. I supposed it looked like leech. 





I've done my fishing on that day and went home. I was wondering if I can improve the fly pattern. I just started tying. I picked TMC3761 size 10, black tungsten beaded, ad black rabbit hair. I used the Shimazaki Stretch Body with hackling technique. 




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I dropped the fly into water and the fly wiggled.  I can't wait to use this. 







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