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Fly FishingTiemco Blog Enexpected snowfall – Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido –


Enexpected snowfall – Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido –

I was on a fishing tour to Lake Sumarinai, Hokkaido, to hunt Japanese Hucho. It was very hot last time I visited, this time we had a snow. Asahikawa City saw the heaviest October snow in 33 years. We had a snowstorm on the lake and it was like midwinter for me as Tokyo residents. The snow has disappeared in the next morning, and beautiful autumn leaves were left on the lake.  





Fortunately I could fish everyday, but nothing happened on the day 1. The water level rises and there were less fishing spaces. I caught just a white-spotted char on the next day. Only hope,….I have three more days left. 





Day 3. I went the area where I caught a good hucho last time. I was guessing there was a migaration route on windy day. I got an answer in 30 minutes. That was a beautiful 72cm hucho. 





One more at 10:30 AM. 70cm. 




Snowfall on the day 4. One char, no hucho. 





Day 5. Fine morning with mederate wind. I thought it will be a better day, but got only one bite and one char. The tour ends. I enjyoyed the stay, nice lodge, nice warm bath after fishing and nice dinner. 




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